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  The Journal  

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2009

e-ISSN:  1989--6077

p-ISSN: 2307-6607





C/ Andrés Mellado, 65, 1º D.

28015 Madrid, Spain






Folk Healing, Spirituality and Official Mental Health Sphere in Kyrgyzstan: The Experience of Living Together Being Different

Elena Molchanova


Autoconciencia Histórica, Muerte y Formación: Una Introducción

Agustín de la Herrán


Developing Humans

Vitor Rodrigues


The Transmission of Wisdom: The Task of Gnostic Intermediaries

Roger Walsh

Reflections and Announcements

Transpersonal Manifesto // Manifiesto Transpersonal

Manuel Almendro


The International Transpersonal Association Announces the 17th International Transpersonal Conference

Harris Friedman and Glenn Hartelius



COMPLETE Journal of Transpersonal Research, 2009, Vol. 1 (2)