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Volume 2, Issue 1, 2010

e-ISSN:  1989--6077

p-ISSN: 2307-6607





C/ Andrés Mellado, 65, 1º D.

28015 Madrid, Spain






Identity, maturity and freedom: transpersonal and existential perspectives
Frances Vaughan

Daily spiritual experience in basques and mexicans: a quantitative study

Edwin G. Mayoral Sánchez, Francisco A. Laca Arocena and Juan Carlos Mejía Ceballos


Psicología Trans-Jungiana

Pablo Ianiszewski F.


On consciousness-modifying: transpersonal psychotherapy

Vitor Rodrigues


Art therapy as a complementary therapy in the treatment of depression: a case study

Celeste Carneiro


Hacia un modelo económico trans-histórico

Juan A. Franco Martínez



COMPLETE Journal of Transpersonal Research, 2010, Vol. 2 (1)