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Volume 6, Issue 1, 2014

e-ISSN:  1989--6077

p-ISSN: 2307-6607





C/ Andrés Mellado, 65, 1º D.

28015 Madrid, Spain






Special Issue on Holotropic Breathwork and Other Hyperventilation Procedures


Issue coordinated by Iker Puente


Holotropic Breathwork: A New Experiential Method of Psychotherapy and Self-Exploration

Stanislav Grof


Spiritual Transformation: A Qualitative-Quantitative Analysis of the Application of the Holotropic Breathwork Method

Inna V. Afanasenko, Vladimir A. Emelianenko and Alexandra V. Emelianenko


Process Psychotherapy: Holotropic Breathwork and Alfred North Whitehead

Lenny Gibson


Effects of Holotropic Breathwork in Personal Orientation, Levels of Distress, Meaning of Life and Death Anxiety in the Context of a Weeklong Workshop: A Pilot Study

Iker Puente


Holotropic Breathwork: Models of Mechanism of Action

James Eyerman


El Potencial Integrativo de la Respiración Holotrópica en los Procesos de Cierre de la Adolescencia

Cristóbal Contreras y Francisco Zenteno


Holotropic Practice and the Promise of Full-Spectrum Transformation

Martin Boroson


Respiración Holotrópica y Corporalidad: Una Marca Transversal

Julio Eduardo Mazorco Salas


An Argument for the use of Holotropic Breathwork as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy

Laurel Watjen


Hacia una Comprensión Expandida del Potencial Transformador de la Respiración Holotrópica

Felipe Landaeta


Respiración Holorénica: Proceso, Efectos y Fenomenología

Josep Mª Fericgla y Gemma Guarch


Effects of Holorenic Breathwork on Anxiety and Heart Rate Variability: Preliminary Results

Julio Cervantes and Iker Puente


COMPLETE Journal of Transpersonal Research, 2014, Vol.  6 (1)